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CTV training ongoing in Grunshie zongo E/A

Field facilitators concurrently used one day to enter into three electoral area to identify 45 CTVS and profile them for sensitization and orientation. The profile was based on the basic knowledge one has on the latrine construction. After the profiled, two days community technical volunteers (CTVs) sensitization and orientation was organized simultaneously in the three electoral areas by the Environmental health office to support the CTVs to construct quality sustainable toilets this training was funded by GoG-UNICEF to training the forty-five (45) CTVs which were profiled from the three electoral areas. Total number of males were 35 and females were 10 at these three electoral areas namely:

Grunshie Zongo Electoral area

  • How to construct Household Toilets
  • Factors to consider in siting household toilets
  • How to set out household toilets
  • How to construct Improved Traditional Pit Latrine (step by step) group work

Kpolo electoral area 


Artisan showing CTVs pictures of a Traditional Pit toilet, Improved Traditional Pit Toilet and Ventilated Improved Pit Toilet and cost involve

Day two

The CTVs were made to understand the following:

How does the CTV support a community?

  • What is the CLTS approach
  • Where will the CTV work?
  • Who will the CTV need to work with in the community (NLs, Artisans, Community Opinion Leaders)
  • How to mobilize community members for latrine construction

  Demonst’s on How a Pit Latrine Should be Dug CTVs


Artisans Taking Measurement of Pit

Artisan Demonstrate on How a Pit Latrine Should be Dug with CTVs

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