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Hon.MCE Presenting Items To Disability Group(PWD)


 includes Identification and registration of Persons with Disability (PWDs) as well as poor and the needy in the community and rendering services to them, 3% of the Municipal Assembly Common Fund is allocated as Disability Fund which aim at minimizing poverty among all PWDs particularly those outside the formal sector of employment and enhancement of their social image through dignified labour.

During the year, the Disability fund management committee conducted series of disbursement of the Disability Fund by empowering them with various income generating activities in the East Gonja Municipal.

The disbursement benefited 65 persons with disability, 30-wheel chairs, 25 deep freezers were distributed and ten were given educational support.


A total of 913 persons with disability were identified and registered with the East Gonja Municipal Assembly and the Department of Social Welfare out of which 492 are males and 421 are females.

The disbursement benefited 65 persons with disability, 30-wheel chairs, 25 deep freezers were distributed and ten were given educational support.



During the period the agency has profiled over 913 PWDs who are of different categories. These PWDs are assisted from the 3% district assembly Command Fund ranging from deep freezers to sewing machines, industrial machines, small ruminants, popcorn machine, fufu pounding machines, fertilizers each beneficiary received 4 bags of fertilizers and 2 sheep each.

Those in school were also assisted with cash to pay school fees and those in need of medical attention were also catered for.

Hon. Richard Broni engagement with the media with some beneficials

 East Gonja Municipal Assembly

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    LEAP is a cash transfer programme for poorest households in Ghana.


    • The national social Protection Strategy (NSPS) of 2007 under the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS II), provide for the development of a cash transfer programme to support the extreme poor and vulnerable population.


    • Reduce poverty by increasing consumption and; promoting access to services and opportunity among the extreme poor and vulnerable.

    Who can join the LEAP Programme?

    • LEAP targets extremely poor households with at least one or more members of the these categories,
    • Orphans (at least one parent dead) and vulnerable children.
    • Persons who are 65 years or older without support.
    • Persons with a severe disability without productivity capacity.
    • Pregnant women and children from to years old.


    • To assist the poorest families with basic needs, including food.
    • To improve health and education status of children in the poorest families.
    • To help the poorest families come out of their poverty situation.

    On the LEAP Program in the East Gonja Municipal Assembly we have covered 65 communities with a total beneficiaries population of 2065.

    The unit started implementing the LEAP Program since 2009

    The Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection is re-assessing the programme  which is on pilot basis and East Gonja is part of it.

Hon. Richard Broni engagement with the media

The department has worked on several child protection issues which includes
sodomised school pupils in Kulpi, two trafficked children from Hellelujah and
Etomefa both suburb  of Kafaba, abandoned
baby who was transported from Salaga to Damongo and identification of prevalent
child protection issues across twenty seven communities in the municipality, a
programme which was supported by World Vision.

Hon.MCE East Gonja Municipal Assembly engagement with the media On Child Right Protection & Promotion


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